Steve's Journal

I will continue interviewing, talking to and corresponding with Centenarians across America. As we uncover these "Nuggets" of Wisdom, Wit and Advice, they will be posted on my blog. Enjoy, Live Long and Grow Wise.

Dr. Leila Denmark


It is with great emotion that I am making this post. The truly inspirational and caring SuperCentenarian Dr. Leila Denmark passed away on April 1, 2012. She was a remarkable 114 years old. She helped and cared for so many people over her impressive medical career. She was a practicing pediatrician until she retired at age 103. When I met her for the first time a few years ago, she was so vibrant and engaged life to the fullest. She has been in the press quite a bit the last few days. I encourage you to read about her amazing contributions to medicine and how impactful she was to many generations of families in the Atlanta area who can proudly say she was their doctor.  I will always remember all the wisdom and stories she shared with me. Please visit the Centenarian Spotlight section of this website and scroll down a little to see a very small portion of my interview with her. You too will see why she touched so many lives.  

God Bless you Leila!