Super Centenarians

Walter Breuning

114 years old – Oldest Man in the World (verified). Born September 21, 1896, in Minnesota - Walter relocated to Montana in 1918 and worked for the Great Northern Railway for 50 years. He continued working until age 99 at which time he simultaneously retired and quit smoking. As Walter says, "Today is a good day - every day is a good day."

Besse Cooper

115 years old – Oldest Person in the World. Born August 26, 1896, in Tennessee- Ms. Cooper dedicated her career to education. She loves the outdoors and recalls that her mother made food magic with apples.

Beatrice Farve

April 30, 1895 – January 19, 2009. Born in Georgia - At 113, Beatrice was the world’s second-oldest verified person and second-oldest person in the U.S. Beatrice was selling Avon until she turned 100 and driving her car until the age of 106.

Dr. Leila Daughtry Denmark

114 years old – Oldest pediatrician in the World. Born February 1, 1898, in Georgia - Dr. Denmark became the oldest practicing pediatrician in the world. She retired in 2001. She is also known as one of the doctors that developed the vaccine for the whooping cough. Author of Every Child Should Have a Chance.