Steve's Journal

I will continue interviewing, talking to and corresponding with Centenarians across America. As we uncover these "Nuggets" of Wisdom, Wit and Advice, they will be posted on my blog. Enjoy, Live Long and Grow Wise.

SuperCentenarian Dr. Leila Denmark Turned 114

Our lovely Dr. Leila Denmark turned 114 on February 1st. I called Leila to wish her a happy birthday and spoke with her devoted daughter Mary. She said Leila is doing well and enjoyed her low key celebration. Leila received numerous phone calls from all over to wish her a wonderful birthday including a special call from Robert Young of Guinness World Records.

She has a grateful attitude of life and fond memories of the thousands of children she has treated throughout her incredible career. She is a true icon and national treasure. I have been so fortunate to have met and interviewed this incredibly special SuperCentenarian twice. Happy Birthday Leila!!