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I will continue interviewing, talking to and corresponding with Centenarians across America. As we uncover these "Nuggets" of Wisdom, Wit and Advice, they will be posted on my blog. Enjoy, Live Long and Grow Wise.

Lois Jones will Always be Remembered as Our Lovely 'Daffodil'

Our incredibly lovely ‘daffodil’ Lois Jones passed away September 10, 2011, at 107 ½ years of age. What an extraordinary Centenarian! When I first met Lois a few years ago when she was 103, I was amazed she quoted an entire poem to me. Be sure to go to the video gallery in the ‘odds and ends’ section to see her recite her ‘Daffodil’ poem.

Lois lived life to the fullest. She studied art and became an artist for Walt Disney. She loved the theater and volunteered for the Red Cross.

I was fortunate to visit her again this past summer. She was still as sweet as ever with a sparkle in her eye and a keen sense of humor. 

Lois will surely be missed by all.

God Bless You Lois Jones!!