Steve's Journal

I will continue interviewing, talking to and corresponding with Centenarians across America. As we uncover these "Nuggets" of Wisdom, Wit and Advice, they will be posted on my blog. Enjoy, Live Long and Grow Wise.

Centenarian Helen Hannah Visit

Friday before Labor Day was a special one for me! It was my pleasure and pure enjoyment to have lunch with my 101 year young Centenarian girlfriend Helen Hannah and her beautiful daughter Archer. We celebrated Archer's birthday (she looks 40- I don't ask women under 100 their real age!) with a delicious lunch and birthday cupcakes for each of us. Helen was charming and chatty and still plays bridge once a week with her youngster girlfriends. She still lives in her classic Atlanta home, reads voraciously, and loves to sip black coffee on her lovely screen porch looking out on her manicured front lawn.

I asked her what is one of the greatest things about living to 101? She immediately replied with a smile and glow on her face, "Having four wonderful daughters that take such great care of me, and enjoying their children throughout the year." Obviously Helen has been an exemplary role model of love, mothering and work for her extended family.

Helen Hannah is a gracious, generous, Southern 'steel magnolia' that has enriched the lives of so many people for over a Century. My life is richer and larger for having received her wisdom, wit and advice about living life to the fullest. Thank you Helen!