Steve's Journal

I will continue interviewing, talking to and corresponding with Centenarians across America. As we uncover these "Nuggets" of Wisdom, Wit and Advice, they will be posted on my blog. Enjoy, Live Long and Grow Wise.

Guinness World Records Oldest Person in the World- SuperCentenarian Besse Cooper

I went to see the ever special SuperCentenarian Besse Cooper the other day. I have not seen her in 3 years so I was very delighted to go back and visit her now that she is the 'World's Oldest Person'. Guinness World's Record was just there visiting her and made it official. How exciting is that! She is just as sweet as ever. In April, be sure to check out some footage of our visit in the Centenarian Spotlight section on this website.




Clara Wortmann Celebrates Her 106th Birthday

Ms. Clara Wortmann was born in Germany, December 2, 1904. In 1927, when she was 23 years old, she came to the United States. She had a friend who had already come over to the states. Even though Clara went back to Germany a couple times to visit, she always came back. This was just one of the stories about Clara that was heard at her birthday party on December 2, 2010. She was surprised with two parties that day. One was a luncheon with fellow church members and the other was with her friends where she lives. Clara has such a positive outlook on life and with her sparkling personality, you can see why there was so much love pouring out for this delightful Centenarian.

One week after her 106th birthday I spoke to Clara and as always, she was still just smiling and laughing and enjoying life every single day.  She said "I look forward to every day and we have so many things going on all the time and I participate in all of them."  I'm sure that is what keeps this beautiful, special lady living as long and joyfully as she has.  My last comment was "Clara I want you to stay happy and healthy and make it to 110 so you can make Super Centenarian status." She smiled and laughed and replied, "We will see. We will see."




The Poetic Verse of Leslie Oldt

If you look back in the video section, you can view Mr. Leslie Oldt’s wise poem on Investing Today.
Mr. Oldt truly has the gift for words and communication. I look forward to receiving periodic letters
from Mr. Oldt that he actually types on a typewriter. I enjoy these letters because he is always giving me
an update on his latest adventures. The most recent endeavor is making donuts for the first time from scratch at 105 years old!

A Visit with Mr. Porter Edwards

It had been several months since I had seen Mr. Edwards.  I had to take a trip to South Georgia. My first thought was to stop by and visit with this incredible Centenarian. He has always intrigued me by the simplistic lifestyle he has maintained. He looked great and still lives alone on his 40 acre farm. He amazes me that he still drives his tractor and plants crops. I look forward to another visit very soon.